Applying a fresh lick of paint to your walls is an easy but effective way to makeover your home but sometimes you might need a little inspiration.  Read on for the biggest paint trends of 2020 and how they can transform your home.


Bringing the outdoors in

Green is the most popular colour this year, drawing from nature and connecting us to the environment.  Shades range from earthy tones such as khaki to rich luxurious jade greens and can be used to create a beautiful calming environment in any room.  Balance with neutral colours such as white or stone for freshness or add navy blue accents for impact and drama.  Metallic accessories and plants (real or artificial) will complete the look.


A nod to nostalgia

This trend is about creating a new twist on a traditional style using regal hues such as ruby red, emerald green and royal blue to create an opulent vintage feel.  The Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue which works with this trend perfectly and offers a cosy alternative to charcoal grey.  This trend offers a balance between the contemporary and the traditional and brings a comforting yet luxurious atmosphere to any room.


Pretty in pink

With shades ranging from rose to bubblegum, pink might not be the first colour you’d think of to use in your home, but soft, earthy, dusky pinks offer a brilliant alternative to cooler grey neutrals.  They work well in any space and provide a relaxing, comforting environment that still remains light and airy.


Earthy tones

This trend is all about natural colours, inspired by a slower pace of living and understated beauty.  Warm tones of clay and terracotta bring a rustic, relaxed atmosphere to your home which is comforting and beautiful in its simplicity.  Pair with organic materials and accessories such as bamboo and linen to create a restful space.


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